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I love Tony's BBQ!


I remember eating the Texan BBQ at Tony's on Myrtle Street
in the mid 1970's

Michael Graham

I think Tony's BBQ always has good food. It is the best
in El Paso.

Dannielle R

Great! Excellent! Bar-B-Q. Tony's has always welcomed their patrons. I started to savor your Bar-B-Que in 1964 when I worked for El Paso Natural Gas Co. I still desire the wonderful food at Tony's. Thank you

Al and Mary Lou Witholder

God Bless you All! I live in Oregon now and there is no place like this in Portland area. Its wonderful to know that business is still going strong and is delicious as ever. Thanks!!!

Grace Chavez

The Best of the Best! I now live in Portland Oregon but El Paso is my home and Tony's is a part of my past. Wonderful BBQ you can't find in Oregon.
Ps. Tony's is now run by a granddaughter. You do your grandfather PROUD. The flavor is still the same and the best! Congratulations!

Mary Esther Gonzalez

mmm. Delicious.
pek leziz.

Bohri Kutlu

Loyal Customer for 25 + years!

Christopher and Kristen Aller

Great food & awesome service!

Hugo Medina

Great food, Been eating since u all on Industrial.

Juan Meza

Best food and best service ever!! Thanks :)

Betty and Hector Camacho

Best BBQ sandwicheslike I coud remember. 1958 to now!

Nicolas & Martha Ruiz

Best BBQ sandwiches since I can remember 1958 to present!

Nicolas and Martha Ruiz

Delicious food and excellent see service!

Anderson Weiss